Friday, 29 June 2012

IRS Task 2


    1. What is research to me?
    1. Why do I think research is important in our studies?
    2. What I want to learn in IRS this Semester…
    3. In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?

Please insert views in the comments. Thanks.


  1. 1) Research is about finding and understand information. Classifying them into groups and
    show it to a group of audience. With relevant information in the research, it makes a research useful.
    2) IRS's importance in our studies is that we know how to classifying and group information so that we could not get confused with the loads of information we get from all the subjects. We also can connect and relate some subjects with another by using what we learnt from each subjects to learn a new fact.
    3) I want to learn how to get the most information with the least amounts of words. As relevant as possible. I would also like to increase my command of English so as to convey my message to the audience from my research.
    4) Leader:
    A leader ensures the team cooperation and work quality. He draws the potential from every teammate, ensuring that every team member is working at their maximum potential. Discovers their strengths and weaknesses, and determine the job for their unique strengths. The leader must also guide the team and be committed to the job. He must, despite, obstacles(e.g. team argue among themselves) continue to work on the project and make it done on time. He, actually, has to do the hardest work not just boss the team around. He is the one who combines the teams ideas to create more brilliant ideas. He has to be open-minded and listen to the team's ideas instead of being narrow-minded, and stick to his own plan.
    Blog Manager:
    A Blog Manager must post all the ideas and also, during discussions, write down the points discussed and later on, post them on the blog. He must be always updating the blog to keep the team updated. He must not only limit his job to the blog, but also taking down notes when the team is discussing, he must listen attentively and do his job well. He is the main source of communication for the team as he is the one who conveys the message, ideas and post them onto the blog so that members who were unable to turn up for the discussion could see them. And hence, even continue to improve the idea to make it better.
    Public Relations Manager:
    His job is to interview people and connect the team to the world. He must have a high awareness towards the world. So as to get real life situations and help the team improve. He must also present any keynote/powerpoint slides to any audience with the leader if necessary. He is the bridge between the team and the world. Hence, he must always continually find information from the world and implement it onto the project. His ideas would mainly be from the news. He and the leader would have to research together. He would be the main source of ideas in the team.
    Schedule Manager:
    He is to assist the leader in helping the team stay organized. If a discussion is planned, he is to tell the Blog Manager to post the venue, time, date onto the blog. He is the connection between the team members. He is to tell any updates via sms/call. As his duty is similiar to the Blog Manager, he is to work with the Blog Manager and report any news to the Team Leader.

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  3. 1) I feel that research is about learning more about stuff, and trying to understand them better.
    2) Research is important to our studies as with research, it helps us organize our thoughts better, learn more about them, improve them.
    3) I guess I would like to learn to put up even better reports, have a better understanding of the subjects.
    4) Leader: I feel he is responsible of ensuring the group is producing good work, in good time. He should also be ensuring that the group is going on smoothly and try to prevent any hiccups. He should be fair, understanding, and contribute to the group as well.
    Blog Manager: He should regularly update the blog with our new findings and plans so that we will be able to read it up, look back and pool our ideas.
    Public Relations Manager: He should help to present, be serious and still contribute.
    Schedule Manager: He should ensure we're on course, don't veer off, on time and should of course contribute and help.

  4. 1)What is research to me?
    To me, the word "Research" has several meanings serving the same purpose.The word "Research" has multiple meanings of words with very different meanings but serving the same purpose-finding out more.The word "Research" has a meaning combined with the meaning of the three major words-experimenting,analyzing and inquiring.These words are then rooted out to other smaller words and the combination of all the words under "Research" gives back to the purpose of "Research". However,looking back, the word "inquiring" best defines what I understand of research.What I think of "Research" is what I think about "inquiring", which is questioning and exploring.

    2)Why do I think research is important in our studies?
    Research, to me, is important not only in studies but in the journey of life as well.With research applied into our studies, we are able to connect and "combine" the understandings we have for each subject,being able to apply the knowledge in a whole new way.Another advantage is that we will have the skills to classify and group the information gathered.This will definitely improve the way we organize things and most importantly of all,we are able to make our own decisions confidently.We will then not confuse what we understand of each subject and instead,connect the ideas together to learn something new.

  5. 3)What I want to learn in IRS in this semester.
    Well, it was really hard to decide on what I want to learn in IRS,not because the lack of things I want to find out, but because of the LOAD of things I want to learn from this exciting experience throughout the term.Based on what I had written in the above two paragraphs,I want to be better skilled in inquiring and being able to make decisions confidently as well as independently.I want to be able to make a research succeed.Learning the three major skills-experimenting,analyzing and inquiring will definitely be useful in my life.However, if you are unable to organize what you have experimented,analyzed,inquired, it will be useless having these skills,so you will need
    be able to organize better to be a better "researcher".

    4)In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?
    According to what I understand of a leader,a leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal.He shows the way by example, and is able to set up an environment for other team members to feel actively involved in the entire process.A leader is not the boss of the team,instead,he is committed in carrying out the task given.From the above,a leader can be known as a person who will drive the team to success,a person who will make the right decision best for the team,a person to ensure that group mates are working well with each other,a person who understands the team most,a person who is not tunnel-visioned and combines the ideas of many to make a more brilliant idea,a person who is fair and understanding.
    Blog Manager:
    To me,a Blog Manager is a journalist both in the cyber world and in the outside world.He
    is someone who is in-charge of managing the blog and posting all things in the blog to keep us well informed.However,he must not limit his job only to the blog,he must also be a "journalist". Like I said,he will be a journalist noting down the team's discussion
    ,then posting them up on the blog or the facebook group we had created to keep the group members informed.He will be the center of our conveyance network and we would be depending on him to make updates regularly onto the blog automatically without reminders
    .He will gather our pool of ideas on our communications networks and make the conveyed messages public(in our group). He will be the "journalist" both in the cyber world and the outside world.
    Public Relations Manager:
    Being a public relations manager is to connect the team's ideas/plans with the more humanitarian-based side.His high-awareness towards the world would help in real-life situations to help the group improve.His humanitarian-based thoughts would create a platform for the ideas and plans of the team to combine with his suggestions regarding human welfare.He must make sure that the ideas let out by the team will not go against the welfare of the people and if possible,suggest ideas to promote human welfare.He will need to continuously find out more about the world and study the human behavior as well as the human environment.He would have to be able to differentiate what humanitarian friendly and which is not.Not only must he research more about the world, he would also have to apply what he had found out.He would be the "human rights person" of the team.
    Schedule Manager:
    His job as a schedule manager is to plan the meetings and convey out the updates.This means he will help the group stay on track by assisting the leader by helping to organize some things.He is the center of communication within our group and keeps the group together by sending out updates,ensuring that we are on course and not drift off from our goals.

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  6. Ian Kang

    1)What is Research to me?
    Research is the study and compilation of information on a based subject.

    2)Why do I think research is important in our studies?
    It helps us better understand the subject at hand and excel better at it.
    If we do not research, we would have lack of information, if we do, we will l lack behind in studies compared to our friends especially if the research is required.

    3)What I want to learn in IRS in this semester.
    I want to learn about what IRS is about and how it will and can help me in my long run in life. I also want to learn how to earn the disciplines in the different subjects that are being thought in school.

    4) In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?
    They ultimately help to keep everything in place and help finish all tasks that come in the groups way.