Sunday, 13 January 2013

Roles and Responsibilties

Roles and Responsibilties:

Minh Tri:
He is the leader. He will review and see all the survey and interview questions for the investigation. He will also analyze  the investigation results and put them into a statistics chart.  He will make the decision together with WaiYan, the administrator.

 He will be the administrator, we will generate ideas and will mainly write the survey and interview questions. He and the Minh Tri will make decisions together to help the team progress. He will also analyze the investigation results with Minh Tri. For the presentation of the results, he will be the person to organize the results into a presentation slide and generate the script.

Ethan Ng:
He is the IT Manager. He will be in charge of videos and the blog (Media)etc. He will update the blog regularly and would mainly be the one in charge of the survey questions online. He will also gather the results and report it to Minh Tri.

Ian Kang:
He will be the Public Relations Manager. He will be the one interviewing the people and the person in the videos(actor). He will do the talking and be the face of the team. 

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