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In conclusion, after analyzing from the results, we saw a trend. Most people were not well informed of GMO, as most of them did not know about GMO when we asked them questions "Do you know what GMO is?" and "Do you know that GMO is commonly found in Supermarkets?". We also came to a conclusion that their attitudes and opinions towards GMO changed negatively when they realized what GMO was when we told them so as they rated GMO 4.15/10. The factor that affects GMO's reputation is probably its ability or chance to give us cancer, or tumors, as we told them. We also told the interviewees that GMO was not yet fully tested, this was another fact that made them have a negative attitude towards GMO. However, we also told them that GMO has its advantages. Like, rice we eat today are mass produced are due to the fact that we use GMO rice. We have modified the traits of the food. Hence these are our conclusions: 
  • People were not so informed and aware on the topic of GMO.
  • They feared GMO, because of the fact that it might harm us, give us cancer and tumor growth as shown in lab testing.

Possible Improvements:

The above conclusion is the conclusion of our research and survey. This, will be the conclusion of our whole project.

The whole project was quite smoothly done. We started from last year, where we did the Research Justification, Proposal and Multimedia Presentation. And came this year, where we did the research survey and interviews. This year was not as smooth as we thought. We did not kind of follow our Gantt Chart and were late for everything we did. Instead of crafting the survey questions early in Term 1, we just crafted them at the end of Term 1 and did the survey, interview during the March Holidays. This led to the lack of time due the clash with other projects which were ongoing that time. Our survey questions were also not that good which gave us a lot of problems during the survey period. For example, we were rejected a lot of times by the people we tried to interview as they did not know much about the topic. Worse, the old people did not know the chim words we were using and could not conduct the survey as efficiently. Eventually, due to the lack of time, we could only interview 60 people instead of the 120 that we planned. So in summary, we should not procrastinate as much in other projects and start earlier so we would not face the same problem again.

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