Tuesday, 9 April 2013

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Do Singaporeans know what GMO is and if so, what is their opinions/ attitudes towards it?
S2-05 Group A (Alpha)
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


Singapore, a country with no natural resources, food products from other countries. When we are shipping over these products, are they really just food ?
Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs) are organisms with genes of other organisms added into them. This adding of genes improves and add traits to an organism which will definitely allow them to do some things they weren't able to do in their natural state. And this ultimately benefits us when these organisms end up as food in our plates. However, nothing is free in the world and everything has their own flaws. GMO products might have side effects such as cancer and shorter life span. According to World Watch Institute, it have shown that 9 percent of crops are GMO and this means that 9 percent of what goes into our mouths are GMO, so we wanted to ask this question to Singaporeans, For or against GMO?

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