Sunday, 3 February 2013

2. Methods


2.1 Study Area

The study was carried out on the major supermarkets of Singapore:

  • Sheng Siong
  • FairPrice/NTUC
  • Cold Storage
  • Shop and Save
The study area is also middle-aged people and young people.

Singapore is a country that has no natural resources and most of the time, imports products from overseas, especially, GMO. These major supermarkets, where most Singaporeans buy food products(which includes GMO) from, can give a very accurate result on their opinion and attitudes towards GMO. Young people and middle-aged people can affect the future of Singapore the most, since they still have a long way to go, they have a very strong mind and can make their own decision whether GMO is worthy or not.

2.2 Data Collection

We will collect our data via 2 main sources. The internet - that aims young people. And the SuperMarkets - aiming towards middle-aged people.

On the internet, we would make survey questions and put them on Facebook, survey sites. One of our more area of focus for young people, would be the students of SST. We would put the survey link on the Facebook School Group. We would also try to make the survey public and make available to everyone in the internet. '
And from the internet, we can see how many young people have negative or positive reaction.
On the SuperMarkets, we would like to conduct physical surveys, interviews(same questions) to middle-aged people in the SuperMarkets stated above. We would also like to take videos of some interviews to see their reactions when they realize that what they are buying are GMO and what GMO actually is.
The same thing, we see the number of positive and negative reactions for the SuperMarket group and calculate the percentage. At the same time, uniquely to this physical survey, we also can find out the reason why they like/dislike GMO.
Finally, we will compare the percentage of negative and positive results between the middle aged and the young people.

2.3 Data Analysis

Based on the results, we can obvious infer whether the reaction is positive or negative. From the video, we can see the reaction and how bad, good it is. And from the inference of the results, we can actually know what to do when Singaporeans complain about GMO.

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