Monday, 25 February 2013

Minutes Week 8

Minutes Week 8

Survey questions:
Our survey questions are designed to make the interviewee go through a step by step process to make sure we are able to find suitable questions to ask to based on the how much the interviewee knows about the topic we are asking on. However, we would also like to have a standard call of questions so that the interview would be a fair and successful one. Having this two types of interviews will allow us to find out how much the audience knows about GMO products, whether they are aware of and most importantly, whether they accept them or not. And lastly, after the interview, we will hopefully provide them more information on the effects of GMO on the condition where they are interested or not.
-Do you know what GMO stands for and its definitions?
  ~Would you like to know more about GMO( so that you are able to answer the following questions)?
-Do you accept GMO products? Why?
-Do you think GMO products are safe for human consumption personally, setting aside the current information we have on GMO products?
-Do you check for labels for products whether they are genetically modified or not?
 ~Do you think it is important for companies to indicate whether it is a GMO product or not?
-Finishing up the survey, how often do you think you consume such GMO products?

Done by WaiYan.

Please ask teammates to approve. Then tell Mr Tan to accept so that can go out and interview people.

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  1. Are you going to provide the interviewees any options to choose? Like in MCQ type question. If so, show me your options also. And where is the oral presentation part I asked you all to do last Monday?