Monday, 18 February 2013

Minutes Week 7

Viva Planning

1. What makes a good oral presentation?
A good presentation would convey the message clearly to the audience. Hence, we must present in a clear, loud voice. As well as explaining what we are presenting and ourselves, know what we are saying. We should also further elaborate the things we presented so that the audience would understand better. We believe that we should talk in an interesting and attractive way in order to hold the audience's attention, hence they would fully get the message we are trying to convey to them. We should also have eye contact and have good body language.

2. What makes a poor presentation?
A poor presentation is a presentation where the audience hardly receives any information from the presenter, he also is not interested and attracted to the presentation. This would happen if the presenter talks in a monotonous voice, making the presentation sound long and boring. The presentation would also be poor if the presenter only talks about the results, not elaborating and explaining the results, why is the results like that? How did you get results? Is it accurate? Poor body language/eye contact, would also be the cause of a poor presentation because the audience would feel that we are not serious and do not respect the audience, hence they would also would not pay attention and the presentation would be pointless.

1IntroductionIan2 min
2Approach & MethodWaiYan2 min
3Results & AnalysisMinh Tri3 min
4Conclusion & Possible ImprovementsEthan2 min
5Q&AEverybody1 min

Please elaborate more on the contents after getting results. Say what we want to say in each component.

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